Meet the Team

The Captivate team comprises a number of vastly experienced coaches with backgrounds in presenting, corporate training, acting, directing, and writing.

Anna Boon


Having trained at The Oxford School of Drama, Anna Boon spent years touring the globe as an actress, role player and workshop facilitator before founding Captivate Coaching. She is now passing on the communications skills she learnt on stage and screen to business people who really need them.
Anna coaches clients from all around the world such as Techstars, Startup Wise Guys and ACCA, as well as many other corporates, startups and individuals. She inspires confidence and energy, and helps people to come across the way they want.

Anna’s greatest joy is in helping people develop and reach their potential in the field of communication.

Mike Evans


Mike has worked as an actor, facilitator and role player for nearly 15 years. He is experienced in delivering workshops and working individually with clients on presentation and communication skills, interview technique and understanding the importance of your energy. He has also facilitated workshops on mental health awareness, equality & diversity and mindfulness. In these fields he has worked within the education, council, IT, banking, police, medical, military and fashion sectors.
This wealth of experience means that Mike is well versed in researching new environments and work places which makes him extremely adaptable and always relevant.
He is an ideas guy who is always helping to develop and hone new material. His passion and commitment to coaching makes his sessions truly captivating.

Anna Nicholson


Anna’s background is in acting and comedy. Since graduating from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, she has used her skills not only in her performing career but in a variety of other settings. She delivers workshops on behalf of Barclays Bank, Dell, NHS England and ABM. She works in schools, in corporate settings, in prisons, universities and with community groups. Anna has written and delivered volunteer training for charities. She is currently training to be a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, and so is highly skilled at working one on one with people from all walks of life.
Anna (more commonly known as “Nics” – to avoid confusion,) has a vivacious personality and unlimited compassion that sets her apart. She will entertain, encourage and educate her clients all at the same time.

Oliver Hutchinson


Oliver’s passion for presentation coaching began with his own (unusual) love for public speaking in the capacity of Archaeology. In-between coaching projects, he continues to co-present a Channel 4 TV show about coastal archaeology that regularly attracts over a million viewers. He also speaks all over the country, educating and informing diverse audiences about the impacts of climate change on coastal heritage. Previously Oliver worked in the environmental sector, developing and pitching renewable energy solutions to regional and national government bodies.
It Is with this wealth of experience that Oliver now coaches others to present and pitch with impact and flair.
When he’s not wandering the coast looking for shipwrecks or teaching people to speak in public, Oliver can be found climbing, on his bike or on a long distance hiking trail.

Miriam Sarin


Miriam has worked as an actor and workshop practitioner for over a decade. During her time in touring theatre, she honed and developed her understanding of the relationship between speaker/performer and audience, learning how the body and the voice can be a conduit to connection or a barrier to progression.

Working alongside West Midlands police, Staffordshire Safe-guarding board and more, Miriam has led many group workshops on a variety of topics including adult mental health, bullying, knife crime, alcohol abuse awareness, internet safety and public speaking. Her one-on-one experience has included coaching actors successfully through auditions into London Central school of Drama and coaching the speeches of a local government potential candidate, again to success – she was voted in as candidate and went on to lead a fierce campaign that lured one of our country’s leaders to the town for her support!

Miriam’s aim is to help people reach their potential; to longer be held back by fears and insecurities. She aims to break the barriers made by our words, our bodies, our voices, and instead to turn them into tools for success.


Friends of Captivate

We work regularly alongside these trusted experts and guarantee they will do a fantastic job for you.

Jon Buckeridge

Business Branding Expert

Jon originally trained as an actor and worked full time in the arts industry for 15 years. He still work in the arts now, focussing on the rarified craft of solo-storytelling and touring shows internationally, but for the last six years he has balanced that alongside running marketing, communications and branding for companies dealing with the automotive finance, servicing clients including Mercedes-Benz, Honda and the Volkswagen-Audi Group. Jon has also worked as a consultant to help several SMEs and startups to develop their branding and to consider who it is they want their company to be, both for the customer and the employee. His blend of artistic innovation, presentation confidence and best-in-class business understanding is a powerful mix when it comes to helping people explore their business brand, and how they want to position their company to grow and develop.

Mayssa Benchenaa

Slide Designer

Mayssa graduated from Arts University Bournemouth in 2015 with a BA (hons) in Graphic Design. Since then she has worked as a freelance designer, helping businesses to achieve their objectives through strategic thinking and creative design. She is passionate about using her skills as a force for good by collaborating with purpose driven businesses.
Mayssa has worked with numerous start-ups and corporates, including The World Economic Forum, Lufthansa Group and IATA. She was also the resident designer on the Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars in 2020, which is where our paths first crossed.
Mayssa creates beautifully crafted, simple and very effective slides that support entirely what the speaker is saying.

Christian Kinde


A British/Sweedish Filmmaker, Christian was formally trained in Acting at Drama Centre- Central St Martins. After graduating he acted in feature films, high profile music videos, award winning short films and classical theatre productions. He is represented by Curtis Brown.
Christian has directed a number of different promos including work for Puma, Change Incorporated (VICE), Sony, Exosuit, Roo Panes, International Justice Mission and Idea Drop. He has also filmed a number of Captivate Coaching's instructional videos including the 'Interview Technique' series and the 'Warm-up for Presenting' series.
Christian is a joy to work with - always encouraging, patient and positive. He makes the filming process incredibly smooth and enjoyable.

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