Powerful Presentations

Make your audience sit up and listen

What does the coaching entail?

Content Exploration:
  • Discover how to structure a presentation in a logical and engaging way.
  • Learn storytelling techniques that will liven up any presentation.
  • Ensure that a presentation is staying ‘on point’ so that it’s memorable
Delivery Technique:
  • Use your body language to your advantage – to help communicate your message.
  • Explore energy levels – what these look like and what level is needed for the type of presentation you’re delivering.
  • Implement vocal techniques that will bring your words to life.
  • Discover how to use movement deliberately to make your presentation dynamic.

What courses do we run?


  • Group workshops (small and large groups)

  • 1:1 coaching

  • 1 hour workshops

  • Half day workshops

  • Full day workshops

  • 2 day workshops/retreats

*All coaching can be delivered online and in-person.

This session was one of the best I’ve attended. I came away feeling I’d really learned something.


Anna and I worked together to hone a presentation I was giving at a large conference. I found her energy, insights, and coaching advice to be extremely valuable. She definitely took my presentation, and my speaking style, to the next level. Highly recommend working with her!

Connor SwensonFacilitator and Founder of 'Make Time'

Really enjoyed this session. Left me feeling highly motivated. The presenter and the presentation were excellent

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