Pitch Perfect

Effectively Communicate Your World Changing Idea

What does the coaching entail?

Content Exploration

- Storytelling; how to tell the problem and solution in an engaging and relatable way.
- Pitch Narrative; What to include in the rest of the pitch.
- The Audience; what impact this has on the content
- Slide Design; how they should look and what to include

Delivery Techniques:

- Body Language; how this affects how you come across
- Vocal Technique; how to make it powerful and engaging
- Visualisation; how this can help with confidence and competence
- Adrenaline; how to hone it and use it for good.

What courses do we run?

  • The elevator Pitch

  • The 3-5 minute pitch

  • Longer pitch presentations (15+ mins)

  • Recorded Pitches

  • Live Pitches

  • Roleplay for investor pitch interviews

*All courses can be delivered online and in-person

I had lost complete confidence on telling this story and now I'm excited to get back on stage.

Maria LemaWeaverLabs

This session was one of the best I’ve attended. I came away feeling I’d really learned something.


Despite tremendous nerves on the day, with Captivate's coaching, I gave a talk to over 100 people that I am proud of.

Emily GoodallBirmingham University
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