Personal Branding

Make a lasting impression

What does the coaching entail?

Clarify your message:

- Uncover why you are where you are today.
- Explore your personal Values, Principles and Centres.
- Identify the Roles and Goals in your life.
- Create a vision for yourself and the way you want to live.

Communicate that message:

- Explore how to communicate your message through various communication channels.
- Learn to prioritise and manage time proactively.
- Begin to make positive changes through affirmation and visualisation
- Discover the language that most expresses your character.

What courses do we run?

  • 1 day group workshop

  • Half Day Group workshops

  • 1 Hour workshops

  • Workshops followed by 1:1’s

  • Series of 5X  1:1 sessions

All sessions can be conducted live or online.

“It was a great experience. I learnt a lot about myself and how to contribute that to my mission statement. I definitely had lightbulb moments.”

Jessica HassanFounder of Bespoke Occasions

“The one to one was extremely useful. It really made me think about why I felt the way I did and why the things that I wanted to get from my job/life were important to me. I was still thinking about it for days afterwards.”

Gareth Bennett-RyanActor
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