Media Skills

Boost your online presence

What does the coaching entail?

Virtual Presence

- How to come across well on screen
- The energy needed for media calls, online pitches, presentations & interviews
- Being 'present' for virtual communications

Running Virtual Meetings

- Ideas to help meetings run smoothly and efficiently
- Suggestions for injecting energy and variety into meetings.

Remotely Motivating a Team

- Methods for keeping your team motivated when you can't see them face to face.
- Exploration of communication styles to ensure team members are feeling valued and getting what they need.

What courses do we run?

  • 1 – 2 hour group workshops online

  • 1 – 2 hr Group workshops in person

  • 1:1 practise for virtual pitches, presentations and interviews

  • 1:1 coaching around virtual meetings and team motivation

  • Roleplay for post pitch interviews online.

“We really enjoyed it and it's good to make a small extra effort to improve our presence in web meetings etc. After 3 weeks of seeing the same faces in the same settings your presence and videos were on a totally new level”

Kristo KraftCEO of Ringy

“Thanks to you I’m not fearful of speaking on zoom anymore. I feel so much more confident. I can now leave the starting blocks without a sleepless night.”

Louisa PortalHampshire High Sheriff
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